Wildflyme 35mm Film Unretouched Wildflyme 35mm Film Unretouched


Flying by the seat of her pants, Artist Nicole Cartolano calls her photography Wild • fly • me. Guided by feeling over logic she transitions from place to place escaping reality in the nearest natural nook with the closest friend. 

Spending a year in a cabin in the redwoods of Northern California, Nicole rediscovered her passion for film photography. She found analog to be more rewarding than digital and had been using a Pentax K1000 and working in the darkroom since the age of 13.

Her greatest reason for using film is the intentional process of capturing the moment with a manual camera. The risk of missing an opportune shot or losing the image to technical failure is worth the overall natural look of film and the magic in its unpredictability.

Nicole spent her teenage years in São Paulo, Brasil, where she was inspired by the freedom in the street art as well as skate culture. She considers her art as a  therapy as she takes you on an adventure in order to capture your inner child.

***All work found on this website is unedited

Photo by: Ron Ryan Tisalan